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I'm a consulting services provider whose purpose is to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals with respect to advanced verification on the basis of UVM become a reality. I can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations, align employees towards the same goal and train individuals to become professional verification specialists.


I'm an experienced specialist in the field of the 'Universal Verification Methodology' (UVM) and have a proven record of successfully executed UVM and OVM projects. I was responsible for the OVM/UVM deployment in an important semiconductor company. In this role I was coaching verification teams to adopt the UVM in an effective way, guiding and supervising the implementation process, providing utilities for high quality verification planning and management as well as verification results evaluation.


I'm a highly qualified Sr. Consultant with significant international knowledge in managing and executing consulting projects as well as hands-on experience in many areas of chip design and verification, having a proven track record of successfully finished projects.


My management expertise includes program and project management, establishing and managing customer relationships, risk analysis, co-worker management and motivation in international teams. Hands-on and knowledge covers all significant areas of digital chip design and verification. Additionally I have a strong focus on improvement as well as definition, implementation and validation of advanced methodologies and flows.


Significant communication, interpersonal and presentation skills across multiple cultures, leading international development teams, working worldwide, being highly energetic.

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