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My UVM Coaching Approach is based on the automatic generation of a UVM framework.

This way has a few essential benefits:

  • saves up to 6 weeks of development time,
  • guarantees each UVM testbench in a company uses the same architecture; thus making the maintenance and support for UVM environments easy.
  • speeds  up the testbench development time and
  • motivates the verification engineers.

This framework can be simualated immediately after its generation. The data structure is shown in the following figure.

It consists of 2 main directories:

tb consisting of the UVM testbench itself and

sim intended as simulation directory.

The sim-directory contains a script for use with Mentor's Questasim. 

The UVM toplevel testbench contains 3 blocklevel testbences: uvc1, uvc2 and uvc3. test_project is the top environment, test_project_tb has the toplevel module inside and test_project_test is the container for all the tests. test_project_common can be used to define parameters, data types etc. common to the whole testbench.

The example zip-file can be downloaded from here:

Archivdatei im ZIP Format [43.5 KB]
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